Our Usher's serve in creating a secure and responsible service. They create a satisfying worship experience where our community can worship in an organized and safe enviroment.

Music Ministry

Our Music Ministry consist of our choir the Voices of Praise, our praise team and our praise dancers. They sing, dance and praise to encourage our church community in worshipping with song. They provide the sound and songs throughout the service.



The Youth Ministry serves to entertain and keep our youth active through Christ. They create funfilled events in hopes to encoruage our community in supporting our youth.


Our Deaconess serve in providing pastorial care. They are in great support in our church community by aiding in responsibilities related to spiritual and supportive growth.


Our Hospitality Ministry are a group of hard working women who run kitchen activity. They support in every event and outreach with their great food and helping hand serving to make sure all family and guest sare comfortable.

Flowers in a Glass Jar
Church Cross

Usher Ministry

Church Candles


Our Deacon's are responsible for pastoral assistance and aid in running the church in an orderly fashion. They support the families of their church and take on a role model stance in what is expected of being a church memeber. 

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